iOS 17.1 Doesn't Fix Nighttime iPhone Shutdown Bug

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Nighttime iPhone Shutdown Bug: iPhone alarm failure impact / FG Trade

iOS 17 and the iPhone 15 Pro are Rumored to be the best of the best, but unfortunately, ever since Apple introduced these two at WWDC, both fell short. While Apple has to send weekly updates to fix issues on iOS17, the iPhone 15 has durability issues.

But have you ever experienced your iPhone mysteriously turning off at night, leaving you in the dark? You're not alone. Suddenly, some iPhone models to power down during the night temporarily. The latest iOS update, iOS 17.1, might not be the ultimate solution to this issue.

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The Strange Case of iPhone Shutdowns

Imagine this: your trusty iPhone, typically reliable, fails to wake you up with its alarm clock in the morning. Frustrating, right? Well, this strange occurrence has been reported by numerous users on a Reddit thread. They shared their complaints, and the problem is quite widespread.

My iPhone just turned itself off for 4 hours tonight [iOS 17.0]
byu/nathan_lesage inios

One of the most noticeable disruptions is the failure of iPhone alarms. Users have reported that their alarms don't go off as scheduled, causing inconvenience and potentially even impacting their daily routines. It's not just a minor annoyance; it's a real problem.

So, what's causing this eerie nighttime iPhone shutdown? Some users have observed that their iPhones turn off during the night. This might happen briefly or for several hours, making it even more perplexing. This can be especially frustrating for those who rely on their phones for important notifications.

Users experiencing passcode input in the morning, signaling overnight iPhone restart or shutdown /

One might wonder, "Could this be due to a software glitch?" Well, the folks at 9to5Mac have highlighted these issues, bringing the problem into the spotlight. Furthermore, users over at the MacRumors forums have reported similar experiences.

iOS 17.1 - The Solution or Not?

As the reports about this unusual issue piled up, Apple released iOS 17.1. The community held its breath, hoping this would be the magical solution to the nighttime iPhone shutdown problem. But did it work?

Despite the anticipation, iOS 17.1 still needs to address the problem fully. Users at MacRumors, including those who updated to the latest version, have continued to experience issues.

iOS 17.1 Issues Persist on MacRumors Devices /

How can you tell if you're among the unfortunate iPhone users experiencing nighttime shutdowns? Well, here are a few signs: if your iPhone opens to the passcode screen in the morning or if your alarm fails to go off when it should, you might have been impacted by this bug. The symptoms vary, with some iPhones merely rebooting while others shut down for several hours, leaving you in the dark.

Not Just an iPhone 15 Problem & DIY Diagnosis

This mysterious issue isn't limited to iPhone 15 models; it's impacting a range of iPhone devices. However, it's interesting that more complaints are coming from iPhone 15 users. This hints at the problem's pervasive nature and potential link to iOS 17.

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Curious if your iPhone is affected? You can take matters into your own hands. Open the Settings app, navigate to Battery, and check your charging status over the past 24 hours. If you notice a gap, it indicates that your iPhone was turned off during that time.