The Future of Gaming - AI, Graphics, and Nvidia DLSS 10?

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Enhanced AI-Driven Ray Tracing & DLSS 3.5 in Cyberpunk 2077 / Nvidia

The world of Gaming and AI has undergone some remarkable transformations. It all started with the 2018 Cyberpunk announcements. Here's the kicker: Nvidia has also seen its revenue skyrocket, tallying an impressive $13.51 billion.

Well, it's all thanks to Nvidia's cutting-edge AI and Gaming breakthroughs, including the mighty GH200 Super Chip and their ACE Project, a game-changer in the realm of AI Non-Playable Characters (NPCs).

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Back in 2018, the gaming graphics landscape was described as rather basic, with a clear acknowledgment that it was nowhere close to the visually stunning world of titles like "Cyberpunk 2077." No other than Bryan Catanzaro, NVIDIA's VP of Applied Deep Learning Research, made this assessment. It was a candid admission of the prevailing graphical limitations in the gaming industry at that time.

"I do not believe that AI is gonna build games in a way where you just write a paragraph about making a cyberpunk game and then pop comes out something as good as Cyberpunk 2077. I do think that, let's say DLSS 10 in the far future is going to be a completely neural rendering system that interfaces with a game engine in different ways, and because of that, it's going to be more immersive and more beautiful."

You can watch the full video down here:

Bryan Catanzaro, during a recent roundtable discussion hosted by AI Visuals and Digital Foundry, shared his insights into the future of gaming graphics. While he doubts AI's ability to create games from scratch effortlessly, he presented an intriguing vision of "DLSS 10," a concept set in the distant future.

According to Catanzaro, DLSS 10 (concept) would be nothing short of a revolution—a neural rendering system that would seamlessly interface with game engines.

Before we reach the era of DLSS 10, Catanzaro anticipates a gradual transition. Developers have become adept at using tools tailored for traditional game engines and 2D/3D rendering technologies.

This transition promises to be developer-driven, coherent, and finely controlled.

Bryan Catanzaro, Vice President of Applied Deep Learning Research at NVIDIA /

While the potential of AI in graphics is exciting, Jakub Knapik, VP of Art and Global Art Director at CD Projekt RED offers an alternative perspective. Knapik expresses concerns about the implications of generative AI graphics but is notably enthusiastic about AI's role in enhancing the interactive and immersive aspects of Gaming, moving beyond just graphics.

In Gaming, storytelling holds a prominent position. According to Knapik, around 90% of a game's elements may currently be predetermined or "prescriptive." However, he envisions AI enhancing not just graphics but also the storytelling aspect of games. For CD Projekt RED, the story remains king, and that's where AI's best application lies.

What does AAA mean in Gaming World?

Well, when we talk about "AAA Games," we're referring to a category in the video gaming industry that's all about big budgets and major league recognition. These games are usually the brainchildren of well-established, prominent publishers. 

Both Catanzaro and Knapik are in agreement about a crucial aspect: developers must have extensive control over AI to realize their creative visions. The idea of generating a AAA game from a simple chat prompt, while humorously appealing, remains a distant dream.

Jakub Knapik, CD Projekt RED's VP of Art /

As DLSS 10 looms on the horizon, the gaming industry anticipates a significant transformation. Game engines are expected to leverage AI-generated visuals, promising real-time graphics of unparalleled quality and performance.

The ultimate goal for NVIDIA is DLSS 10—a vision of comprehensive rendering using AI.

While DLSS 10 remains a distant future vision, NVIDIA has introduced DLSS 3.5.

DLSS 3.5 stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling. It's the secret sauce that makes those jaw-dropping graphics in Cyberpunk 2077 even more breathtaking.

Experience Enhanced Ray Tracing with NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 / Nvidia

And yes, it's available in the game, but what about your GPU? Cyberpunk isn't a lightweight when it comes to graphics and processing power. So, brace yourself if you're playing it on PC because it's both graphics- and processor-intensive.

What is Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) ? 

DLSS is like a secret weapon for your graphics, and it's brought to you by the wizards at Nvidia. 

But here's the kicker – it's not for every graphics card; it's an exclusive club for Nvidia's RTX line. What does DLSS do, you ask? Well, it's all about that performance boost. 

DLSS taps into the power of AI to cook up extra frames for your games, making everything smoother and more impressive

Now, let's talk about DLSS 3.5's magic. Ray tracing is the focus, working on all RTX GPUs, including RTX 3070. Even better, it will boost ray tracing across all RTX-series GPUs going back to the RTX 20 series.NVIDIA has rolled out this gem with a new AI-powered Ray Reconstruction technique that promises to elevate the quality of ray tracing.

NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 Is Available Now In Cyberpunk 2077 Ray Tracing

Unlike its predecessor, DLSS 3, the newer DLSS 3.5 doesn't play favorites with the latest RTX 40-series GPUs. Nope, it's got your back, even if you're rocking an RTX 20 series card.

But here's the kicker – DLSS 3.5 doesn't just make your game look better; it's a speed demon, too. If you've ever craved smoother gameplay, this is your ticket. DLSS 3.5 can crank up your Cyberpunk 2077 frame rates by a whopping 5X compared to native 4K rendering without DLSS.

DLSS 3.5 is the answer to your gaming dreams, especially if you're diving into the dystopian world of Cyberpunk 2077. Say goodbye to lag and hello to a visually stunning, high-speed adventure. Get ready to level up your gaming experience with NVIDIA's DLSS 3.5.