Getty's Exclusive AI Generator - Trained Only on Licensed Images

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Images generated by Generative AI by Getty Images / Getty Images

Getty Images is making a move in AI. They've announced Generative AI by Getty Images & as a huge fan of the new era of AI, I loved it.

Getty Images has been a global powerhouse for visual content For over 25 years, and they're no stranger to innovation. Their latest venture, Generative AI by Getty Images, is a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries.

At the core of Generative AI by Getty Images lies the Edify model architecture, a part of NVIDIA Picasso—a hub for generative AI models designed for visual design. NVIDIA is a serious frontier in the AI Boom. They already got a $13.51B Revenue Surge from the new AI stuff like the GH200 Super Chip and Nvidia's ACE Project (AI NPC).

Generative AI by Getty Images - A ballet dancer, In arabesque position, On a grand stage, Background slightly blurred / Screenshot by The Verge

AI Learning from Getty Images' Vast Creative Library

What sets Generative AI by Getty Images apart is its training data. Unlike many other AI models, this tool is exclusively trained on Getty Images' vast creative library.

This library includes a treasure trove of content, including exclusive premium material with over 477 million assets. One of the standout features of Generative AI by Getty Images is full indemnification for commercial use. This means that Getty AI Tool users can create and publish images without worrying about copyright.

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The possibilities with Generative AI by Getty Images are endless. Users will enjoy Getty Images' standard royalty-free license, with representations and warranties, uncapped indemnification, and the right to perpetual, worldwide, nonexclusive use in all media.

Getty Images & Content Integrity

As far as I see, Getty Images is committed to maintaining the integrity of its existing content libraries. They mentioned on their website the content generated through Generative AI by Getty Images will not be added to Getty Images and iStock content libraries.

AI-Generated Pink Cotton Candy Building in Woods / Screenshot by Getty Images

This ensures that existing content remains distinct from AI-generated creations. And that's a good thing because the copyright laws for AI-generated content are a gray area.

As far as I see, Getty Images, as a reputed company, values the contributions of artists and creators. For this reason, they have plans to compensate artists and contributors whose work is used to train the AI model.

How much does Getty Images pay per photo?

When earning from your creative work, it's important to understand the royalty rates involved. If you're licensing your content through iStock, you'll earn a 15% royalty for photos and a 20% for videos and illustrations. 

However, if you're an exclusive contributor with iStock, your earnings can range from a substantial 25% to a whopping 45%. On the other hand, if you choose Getty Images to license your content, you'll receive a 20% royalty for royalty-free still images and a 25% royalty for royalty-free video clips.

That is amazing because even famous writers like George R.R. Martin joined the  Authors Guild and are about to sue Open AI.

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Accessing Generative AI by Getty Images will be available on for all soon.