Bing Chat's AI - Coming Soon to Your Mobile Browser!

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Bing Chat's AI - Coming Soon to Your Mobile Browser! /

Microsoft is bringing their AI-powered Bing Chat to mobile browsers real soon! You can use Bing Chat on your favorite mobile browsers, like Chrome and Safari, without hassle.

Until now, Bing Chat was only available through separate Android and iOS apps, but Microsoft is now making it more accessible to everyone by opening it up to all mobile browsers. This move is part of their broader effort to stop blocking Bing Chat on third-party browsers.

Remember when Bing Chat first launched? It was only available on Microsoft's own Edge browser. But guess what? Microsoft has been testing it on Chrome and Safari desktop browsers, and now they're expanding its reach to mobile browsers too!

Enhancing Bing’s Chatbot Experience with Voice Support on Desktop
Step into a new era of search experience with Bing’s voice mode, as Microsoft brings voice support to their chatbot on desktop for a more intuitive interaction.

According to the Bing team's blog post, they're super excited about the new features they've added to Bing Chat. From summarized answers to image creation, there's a lot to explore and enjoy. And now, with it being available on third-party browsers.

Microsoft has seen incredible growth on Edge ever since they introduced Bing Chat about six months ago.

But now, they're setting it free to conquer other browsers and reach a broader audience. So far, there have been over a billion chats on Bing Chat, and users have generated over 750 million images using the service.