Windows Copilot - Beyond Bing Chat Shortcut

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Windows Copilot: Your All-in-One AI Assistant / Windows

Windows Copilot is this cool new AI assistant coming to Windows 11. Bing Chat powers it, and you can use it from your desktop. Microsoft's also working on blending Windows Copilot with Windows 11 so you can control your PC with the assistant. They announced it earlier this year and gave it to Insiders in June.

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Even in its preview version, Windows Copilot can already do some tasks on your PC. Like, it can switch to dark mode, put on the "do not disturb" mode and take screenshots. But when it comes to working with Windows 11, it's limited. It's like Bing Chat hanging out on your desktop with a few extra cool things.

From Shortcut to Superstar: Windows Copilot
From Shortcut to Superstar: Windows Copilot

The good news is the feature set for Windows Copilot is going to expand. There's a tech-savvy person called Xeno who found out some new stuff in a Dev Channel build of Windows 11.

According to Xeno, soon, Windows Copilot will be able to launch apps, do stuff in the task manager, open settings, and even let you give feedback to Microsoft.

Microsoft already said from the beginning that they'll be adding more features to Windows Copilot over time. It's cool to see some specific features that might reach us, the Insiders, pretty soon.

Xeno spotted these options in Windows 11 Build 23516, which just came out on the Dev Channel two days ago. That could mean we'll get to test out new ways Windows Copilot works with Windows 11 real soon. Exciting stuff!