Tim Cook Confirms Apple's Secret AI Endeavors

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Apple's Secret AI Endeavors
Apple's AI Vision - CEO Tim Cook Reveals All / nieuwsblad.be

Apple spent a massive $22.61 billion on research and development, and guess what? Part of that cash is going into developing generative AI. Yup, they're all about artificial intelligence.

Some folks say Apple's lagging in the AI game because they don't have a chatbot like Google Bard. But hold up! Apple's been cooking up AI magic behind the scenes for years now.

According to Reuters, their ever-growing R&D spending is all tied to this AI tech business. And who confirmed it? None other than the big boss himself, CEO Tim Cook.

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Tim Cook spilled the beans to Reuters, saying,

"We've been doing research across a wide range of AI technologies, including generative AI, for years. We're going to continue investing and innovating and responsibly advancing our products with these technologies to help enrich people's lives," Cook said. "Obviously, we're investing a lot, and it is showing up in the R&D spending that you're looking at."

So, Apple dropped a whopping $22.61 billion on R&D in 2023 alone. That's a cool $3.12 billion more than last year. They're going all-in on this AI stuff, no doubt.

Now, there's some juicy gossip going around! People say Apple's secretly building something like ChatGPT, their version of a chatbot. But, hold your horses. They might never see the light of day. Different insiders have different takes on this. Mark Gurman thinks we might see an Apple AI app in 2024, but Ming-Chi Kuo is still determining. Time will tell!

Tim Cook confirms that Apple has been working on generative AI for yearsb / appleinsider.com

But hey, Apple's not just twiddling their thumbs. They've already launched products with smart machine-learning models. You know Siri, right? Yup, that's one of them! And they're not stopping there. The iPhone's camera is getting smarter, too, thanks to advanced AI tech.

Here's a neat trick: the iOS 17 update introduced a transformer language model to the autocorrect system. Fancy lingo, but it's the same tech used in AI chatbots. So, who knows, we'll see more AI goodness popping up in Apple's products soon.

Although we might get a SiriGPT sometime soon, keep your eyes peeled for more AI surprises from Apple. Word on the street is they might bring AI tools to their developer tool, Xcode. Expect some magic happening across all their platforms!

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