Now Android Users Can Check Battery Cycle Counts With Android 14 QPR1 Beta

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Google Pixel phones will show battery cycle counts starting with Android 14 QPR1 / Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central

Google has just released the beta version of Android 14 QPR1, and it comes with some exciting updates. Google, the tech giant we all know, is at it again, and this time, they've got something special for Pixel phone users.

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If you're the curious type (aren't we all?) and an owner of a Pixel, you'll want to head over to your phone's settings. Go to "About Phone," and voilà! You'll spot a brand-new section called "Battery Information."

Discover "Battery Information" in Android Settings for Pixel Owners / 9to5google

There's no rocket science here; it's all about your battery. In this section, you'll find juicy details like when your battery was made and how many charge cycles it's been through.

Now, you might be wondering, "What about my battery's health or its maximum capacity?" Well, hold on to your hat because that's not in the cards just yet.

Google Pixel phones reveal battery cycle counts in Android 14 QPR1 / 9to5google

But here's the kicker: Apple beat Google to the punch by introducing a similar feature in iOS 17 for the iPhone 15 series. Coincidence? Probably not, especially after all the ruckus about battery troubles with the iPhone 14 series.

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Fingers crossed that Google will spill more beans about our batteries down the line. Will this cool battery cycle count feature make its way to all Android phones? That's anyone's guess, but for now, it's the Pixel users who get to enjoy this nifty feature!