User-First Approach - Zoom Adjusts AI Training Strategy After Backlash

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Zoom Adjusts AI Training Strategy After Backlash /

After facing customer criticism, Zoom's AI training is undergoing significant improvements. Previously, the company had intended to use its users' content to train its AI capabilities. This unusual plan was announced a few months ago.

This plan is noteworthy as it's used globally. Businesses of all sizes across different industries rely on Zoom for online meetings. Due to privacy worries, users objected to this plan, fearing it could compromise their privacy for AI training.

Users discovered this unsettling requirement on Zoom's terms of service page. Previously, the terms assured that Zoom wouldn't access users' content without consent. However, the plan faced significant backlash despite this assurance, leading to a change.

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In an official statement, Zoom declared changes to its terms of service due to user backlash. The terms were updated on August 11 to redefine how the company plans to train its AI features.

Zoom offers two AI tools: Zoom IQ Meeting Summary and Zoom IQ Chat Compose. These tools enhance users' meeting experiences. One provides automated meeting summaries, while the other offers AI-driven chat composition for meetings.

Initially, Zoom intended to use users' content to train these AI models, causing concerns among its global user base. This raised privacy issues, as data from meetings might be utilized to train the AI feature.

Zoom AI training will now progress without using customer info /Sundry Photography -

However, the company has modified its terms of service. The updated terms ensure Zoom will not employ users' content to train AI features. The new terms state that Zoom "does not use any" user content for AI model training.

With this change, users can confidently use Zoom's AI features. The company has also updated its in-product notices to reflect the revised terms of service. If you use Zoom for online meetings, you can utilize the tools with greater peace of mind.