Zoom's Plan to Train AI Using User Data - What It Means for You

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Zoom's Plan to Train AI Using User Data
Zoom's Plan to Train AI Using User Data / idgesg.net

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. recently made some modifications to their Terms of Service that may impact your privacy, specifically Sections 10.2 and 10.4, which play a big role in how Zoom uses your data.

Google made some updates to their privacy policies recently, too, and this subject was covered extensively in our article entitled 'Google's Update to Their Privacy Policies.'

Zoom's updated Terms of Service contain Section 10.2, which is particularly significant. This clause permits them to collect and utilize what is known as "Service Generated Data,"

Zoom's Updated Terms of Service Permit Training AI on User Content Without Opt-Out / zoom

This includes telemetry data, product usage data, and diagnostic results from users of their services and software. Many are curious as to what Zoom may do with so much personal information gathered.

Section 10.4 raises additional concern, as it grants Zoom an open license to act upon your content in various ways, such as publishing, accessing, using, storing, transmitting, reviewing, disclosing, etc. Such permissions raise serious doubts regarding Zoom's intentions.

Zoom asserts it must maintain all its rights over Service Generated Data as set out in section 10.2 so as to continuously enhance its services, software applications, and products.

Zoom's use of data for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) purposes has caused alarm among many. They train their algorithms using your content without giving you the option to opt out.

Even with Zoom's responses, some individuals still believe that section 10.4 of its Terms of Service needs to adequately address data control concerns.

Zoom holds wide rights over it all, which leaves many questioning their real level of control over it all; without a clearer explanation from Zoom, you might agree to give them wide-ranging access, including using AI/ML technologies for AI purposes.

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Zoom's attempts at providing clarity through blog posts have yet to fully satisfy concerns surrounding consent and privacy issues.

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