WhatsApp's New Feature Will Allow You to Share Uncompressed Media

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WhatsApp's New Media Sharing

With over 2.7 billion active users, WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging platforms, and according to some sources, WhatsApp and the mother company, Meta, are currently in the process of developing a feature that will allow you to share photos and videos in their original high quality easily. It's amazing, and as a date to day Whatsapp user, this might change a lot for me personally.

Our smartphone cameras are getting better and smarter, flaunting their impressive capabilities. Yet, when these splendid creations traverse the path of compression, this issue isn't unique to WhatsApp; platforms like Instagram also grapple with similar challenges.

While WhatsApp introduced support for sharing HD images and videos, the excitement was met with a dose of reality. Yes, HD is in, but with restrictions. The images and videos you share might not reach the pinnacle of clarity you expected. The HD video-sharing option, for instance, is capped at 720p.

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The unveiling of the "Choose from gallery" option signals a promising shift. Nestled under the Attach (paperclip icon) → Documents menu, this feature introduces a convenient way to attach media. The twist? The attached files will be shared as documents, a divergence from the conventional method of image sharing.

Venturing into the world of uncompressed media isn't entirely new. Before this system took root, the Android system file picker was the tool of choice for those seeking to sidestep compression's grasp. However, this workaround demanded switching to a different interface outside of WhatsApp's familiar ecosystem.

As we peer into the future, the prospect of official support for full-resolution sharing beckons. A paradigm shift where your media, unadulterated and pristine, is ready for sharing. No more worries about losing quality in the process. The feature is still a work in progress. Feature requests are being considered and integrated, turning this evolution into a collaborative effort. However, the release date remains shrouded in mystery.

While we wait with bated breath for the ultimate transformation, there's a silver lining. You can already attach media files as documents, keeping them immune to compression's grasp. WhatsApp now empowers you to share files as hefty as 2GB, albeit with a caveat. The Android file picker UI might not be the epitome of elegance, but it's a pathway to visual integrity.

As discovered by WABetaInfo, a new era awaits. A tantalizing option emerges in version of the WhatsApp beta for Android – the ability to "select original quality photos or videos." This change could transform the landscape, offering an uncharted experience where your media remains pristine and treated as documents.

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