Europe's Big Move - €43 Billion Chips Act Unveiled

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EU Enacts €43 Billion Chips Act in Bid to Boost Production / D-Keine - Getty Images

To up their game in domestic semiconductor production, the European Union (EU) is all set to roll out the 'Chips Act.' This big plan got a thumbs-up from the European Parliament and is just one step away from becoming law, as ministers gave it the final nod on Tuesday.

The Chips Act has some major aspirations at its core - the EU wants to grab 20% of the global semiconductor market by 2030. The European Commission pitched in a jaw-dropping €43 billion ($47.5 billion) for the semiconductor industry to make this dream come true. They want to build a strong European base for semiconductors and attract both public and private investments.

Big names in tech, like Intel and STMicroelectronics, are already hooked on the Chips Act and are eyeing new production setups in Europe. These companies seem pretty confident about the perks this EU plan can bring to the semiconductor world.

The EU’s plan paves the way for the bloc to put billions into chip research.Photographer / Jens Schlueter - Getty Images

What's cool about the Chips Act is that it's making way for some serious cash injections into chip research. Plus, countries within the EU can even give out subsidies for creating innovative chips. It's like a booster shot for innovation and could give the EU's position in the global semiconductor market a solid lift.

But hold up. The EU isn't the only one in the race to become a semiconductor superstar. The US, Japan, and South Korea are also hustling hard, investing big bucks in their own semiconductor industries. Why the rush? Well, tensions between China and the US have made everyone a bit edgy about securing their supply chains.

Now, let's see what happens next. The Council gave it a green signal, so the Chips Act is just about ready for action. The Council nodded in agreement with the European Parliament's position, and the legislative act is almost set to go live.

Once the President of the European Parliament and the President of the Council sign the deal, the Chips Act will go live when it gets published in the Official Journal of the European Union. Just a few days after the publication, the EU's semiconductor game will enter a whole new era.

Europe's market shares in chip production for different sectors: (in percentage)

Oh, and there's more! The Council also passed another cool thing - an amendment to the regulation. This lets them set up joint undertakings under Horizon Europe, and they've got this "chips joint undertaking" replacing the old key digital technologies joint undertaking. Both of these texts will be in the Official Journal at the same time.

Let's talk chips. These babies are the powerhouses behind all our cool tech. They store tons of information and do crazy math and logical stuff. Think credit cards, cars, smartphones - chips are everywhere!

And guess what? The more AI, 5G networks, and the Internet of Things grow, the more chips we're gonna need. The demand is about to go through the roof, and so are the opportunities in the market for these little champs.

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Okay, reality check - during the COVID-19 mess, Europe realized it was a bit too dependent on foreign-made chips. That crisis caused a whole lot of trouble, not just for tech but for crucial areas like health, defense, and energy. But fear not. The Chips Act is here to save the day!

With the Chips Act in play, Europe's gonna cut its ties to foreign chip suppliers and boost its own chip industry. That means more security and control over the tech scene, and it'll create lots of jobs to pump life back into European industries. Say hello to a chip-tastic future!

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