How Artificial Intelligence Brings Jesus to Your Screen - Chatting with AI Jesus in the Digital Age

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"Faith in the Age of AI: Connecting with Jesus Digitally / Midjourney

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. But with the enhancement of AI at a place that it even lets you talk to Jesus or even seitan if you prefer. The explosion of AI technology has capitalized on fulfilling such wishes.

Several apps now offer the faithful ways or perhaps the proper way to summon the voices of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and even Satan in 2023 through the wonders of language modeling programs.

What would Jesus do? You can ask him yourself, but the answer won't be divine and may not be thorough enough to satisfy. Previously, we even talked about St. Paul's church AI-Powered Service. There are a few stories bound to this, so let me tell you one by one.

Talk with AI Jesus

Revolutionary AI Chatbot for Christians / Text with Jesus

Text with Jesus app is a totally free app that is like having a direct line to Jesus and other big names from the Bible. OR, as they say, "A Divine Connection in Your Pocket." Not only Jesus, you can text John the Baptist, chat with prophets, or ask the 12 apostles, Noah, and even Adam and Eve about, well, anything!

Someone might say the AI Jesus app is a digital version of the savior, tailored to act like Jesus Christ himself, complete with insights from his earthly ministry. And for those who like a bit of edge, there's AI Satan, available for an extra $2.99 a month. Oh yes, Satan comes with money.

The app doesn't shy away from tough conversations, either. It's programmed to dive into hot-button topics like racism and abortion. But the Text With Jesus FAQ clarifies that the app's purpose isn't to replace any direct communication with divine entities. It's an AI-powered app, that uses a language model to generate responses based on biblical and religious texts.

Hotline for Jesus 1800CallJesus with Artificial Intelligence

AI-Powered Bible Buddy Program 

Biblical AI Sausage is a cutting-edge language-learning model that's been fed religious texts like the Bible. It's designed to act like your favorite religious figures, providing a fresh, digital take on biblical knowledge.

1800CallJesus, made by whiz Marvin Johnson, is purposed to be a "Bible Buddy," offering a judgment-free zone for all your Bible-related queries. It's all about creating a space where you can get answers based on the Bible.

Speaking of bias, the team behind these AI programs is super careful with their programming. They constantly tweak the AI to ensure it stays helpful and on-point, avoiding any AI biases. They've got this language learning model down to a science, defining how it behaves and the persona it takes on.

The Ethical AI (Artificial Intelligence) Perspective in Today’s World
Explore the ethical landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and the framework for ethical AI, including principles guiding AI ethics.

But if you read Curiocial, you already know it's pretty hard to make perfect Ethical AI. So, personally, I thought about the no-bias thing, especially when you train a deep learning program. Bias is basically a way to learn certain things.

The format of 1800CallJesus is all about keeping things conversational and uplifting. This AI sticks strictly to the Bible, avoiding any deviations from biblical teachings. It draws its vast knowledge from the Bible, one of the most printed and widely known books out there.

The vision behind 1800CallJesus is pretty awesome. It offers a personal, private space to explore religion-related questions. This makes religion accessible to everyone, providing comfort in discussing spiritual matters without any discomfort.

AI-Powered Chatbots Emulate Biblical Figures /

They're constantly working on improving the language learning model to make sure your experience is always positive. And for a bit of extra fun, there's even a TikTok filter linked to the program.

Jesus is streaming live on Twitch.

Twitch is a famous streaming service, especially among youngsters.

Twitch has its own version, Twitch's AI Jesus. It's not just a text thing; this AI Jesus hops onto the streaming platform, engaging with users, dropping quotes from the Beatitudes, and giving patient responses to various questions. And it's pretty wild.

Jesus is streaming live on Twitch / Twitch

This Twitch Jesus streams most of the time. Twitch's AI Jesus tries to keep up, quoting the Beatitudes and answering even the most deranged and problematic questions with a kind and admittedly Christ-like patience.

I don't know how it still Streams without violating Twitch terms. Because normally, When you say something wild, you'll get banned on Twitch pretty easily.

How AI created Jesus Christ using the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin has always been a subject of fascination. Using the marks on the cloth, Midjourney Software created an AI image to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Shroud's public display. This AI-generated Image of Jesus Christ, featuring long hair and a beard, presents an idealized version of the historical figure.

A well-known author, Lee Strobel, shared this intriguing AI image on X (previously known as Twitter), sparking interest and debate. The New York Post talked about the use of AI software in this context, with insights from Duncan Thomsen about its operation through the Discord app.

But the Shroud of Turin is more than just a religious icon; its history is steeped in controversy and debate about its authenticity as the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. CBN News discussed this controversy, focusing on the creation of AI images. They interviewed Clinton S. Thomas, who highlighted the AI's reference sources for crafting the image.

Filmmaker Christian Newlands weighed in on the debate, questioning the historical accuracy of Jesus's depiction in the AI image. The history of the Shroud itself is a tapestry of intriguing tales, having once belonged to Byzantine Emperors and the Order of Knights Templar, who possessed a relic displaying a bearded man.

Later, the House of Savoy became owners of the Shroud in 1453. The Shroud has survived through the ages, even enduring fire damage in 1532 at the Chapel of Chambéry, where it was repaired by nuns from the Order of Saint Clare.

Eventually, the Duke of Savoy moved the Shroud to Turin in 1578, where it now resides in the Turin Cathedral. This AI image, therefore, is not just a digital creation but a continuation of the Shroud's long and storied history.

In today's world, technology and Artificial intelligence play a unique role in our spiritual lives, adding a new dimension to how we explore faith. Kimmel, a priest said to BBC, is really into how technology can blend with spirituality. He's been digging into AI programs to see what they can bring.

You can make you own AI Jesus

One cool thing technology offers is Jesus avatars. These digital versions of Jesus are super accessible for parishioners, especially when they've got questions they feel awkward asking real people.

AI in church life isn't just a concept anymore. We're talking about AI sermons and even AI-led services! This role of AI in religious practices is fascinating. But it's not all smooth sailing. When it comes to big, complex issues, AI can stumble.

Despite its limits, the promise of technology in the church world is huge. It could play a big part in addressing human needs in exploring faith. A key perk of technology is offering a non-judgmental space. This safe, anonymous environment is gold for those diving into their faith journey.

However, it's important to remember the value of a trusted church connection. Those meaningful conversations with people you trust can't be replaced.

And that's where AI chatbots fall short; they need more personal connection for spiritual questions. It's a balance, really – technology bringing new ways to explore faith, but nothing beats a good, old-fashioned heart-to-heart.