Google Maps Rollout AI Trip Planning Features for iOS

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Google Maps is rolling out AI-powered features for planning trips on iPhone / Chanuka Nadun

Google Maps, the go-to navigation tool for countless travelers, is about to embark on a remarkable journey. Google Maps has been a trusted companion for travelers worldwide, providing over 20 billion kilometers of directions daily.

Apple already has Apple Maps, but who are we kidding? Google Maps is a powerful. A few days back, Google released some interesting AI Google Maps Features for iOS Users.

These additions redefine how we plan trips, understand our surroundings, and make informed choices on the road. Google introduced some of these features on Google's I/O event 2023 event back in May.

Google has already boosted the Google Maps experience by adding Google Assistant to it. So now, Google Maps uses Google Assistant instead of Speech Services. And trust me when I say this: it is seamless.

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The Immersive View for Routes with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One of the most exciting features is the AI-powered feature: Immersive View for Routes. Imagine being able to preview your journey with a level of detail you've never experienced before. This feature is making its way to 12 countries, including Canada, France, Germany, and the US.

Experience Multidimensional Route Previews / Google

When you want to explore a city, whether by driving, walking or cycling, Immersive View for Routes has your back. It offers a multidimensional view of your route from start to finish.

Now, you can prepare for each turn as if you're already there, thanks to detailed, visual turn-by-turn directions. But what sets this feature apart is the time slider. This nifty tool allows you to plan your departure based on simulated traffic and weather conditions.

With the immersive View feature, you can easily avoid riding during rainy weather or heavy traffic. / Google

The Immersive View feature is set to launch in various cities, making it accessible to travelers worldwide. From Amsterdam to Tokyo, it's available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Lens in Maps: Your Augmented Reality Companion

Google Maps isn't just about getting from point A to B; it's also about enhancing your understanding of your surroundings. Lens in Maps, formerly known as Search with Live View, takes advantage of AI and augmented reality to help you acclimate quickly to your environment.

By tapping the Lens icon in the search bar and raising your phone, you can access details about nearby ATMs, transit stations, eateries, coffee shops, and stores. This feature is rolling out in more than 50 new cities, such as Austin, Las Vegas, Rome, Sao Paulo, and Taipei, making it an essential tool for globetrotters.

Improved Understanding of Surroundings with Lens in Maps / Google

Google Maps is also getting a facelift by introducing an Enhanced Navigation Map. This updated map offers a more realistic representation of the world. Expect refreshed colors and lifelike buildings that assist in better orientation.

For users in the United States, a game-changer is on the horizon. Soon, you'll be able to see the presence of HOV lanes on your planned routes, enabling you to make better-informed travel choices. Meanwhile, in Europe, the AI-driven speed limit feature is expanding to 20 countries.

Powering Up for Electric Vehicles - Charging Solutions

For electric vehicle (EV) drivers, Google Maps is revolutionizing the way you find charging stations. With Enhanced Charging Station Information, the updated features will indicate charger compatibility with specific vehicles and categorize available chargers as fast, medium, or slow.

The platform goes a step further by displaying the last usage time of each charger. This feature is a game-changer, especially since around 25% of all US chargers are non-operational at any given moment.

Enhanced EV Charging Info for Android and iOS Users / Google

Google Maps is taking searching to the next level. When you search for specific queries like the "best place for animal latte art" or "pumpkin patch with my dog," you'll receive visually oriented results.

These outcomes are generated through AI and advanced image recognition models, analyzing billions of photos shared by the Google Maps community.

For those times when you need help deciding what activities to pursue, Google Maps will soon offer more systematically arranged search results.

Discover Tokyo's Top Activities and Dining Suggestions / Google

Whether you're in Tokyo, Japan, or any other corner of the world, thematic suggestions like "anime," "cherry blossoms," or "art exhibitions" will spark your imagination.

These thematic search results for activities and dining options will be introduced globally for Android and iOS users in the upcoming weeks.

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I'm personally excited and excited to try out these features myself. Google has Billions of Android Devices gathering data (around 3.6 billion devices), so it is way more powerful than any other Map service. Did you get a chance to try any of these features? Let us know in the comment section.