Windows 10 Won't Embrace Wi-Fi 7 - Is This the Final Nail?

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Windows 10 Won't Embrace Wi-Fi 7 - Is This the Final Nail? / getty Images

Windows 10, the trusty companion for many users, is set to receive its final curtain call in 2025. However, a recent leak from Intel has ignited a spark that might encourage users to transition to Windows 11 sooner than anticipated. This leaked document reveals Wi-Fi 7 might not work on Windows 10, and it's a problem.

As of now, support for Wi-Fi 7 will not find its way into Windows 10's framework. This implies that to harness the power of new Wi-Fi 7 drivers, an upgrade to Windows 11 might be in the cards.

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The leaker, known as @g01d3nm4ng0, posted the leak on Twitter, shedding light on Microsoft's stance. Surprisingly, Microsoft has yet to certify a Wi-Fi 7 driver for Windows 10, effectively fencing off users from tapping into the promised enhanced speed and reliability.

Why the hullabaloo about Wi-Fi 7? For the average user who strolls through the digital landscape, the difference might appear negligible. However, for those who rely on their online connection to shuttle hefty work files back and forth, the emergence of Wi-Fi 7 carries significant weight.

The allure lies in the realm of speed - a crucial factor in today's fast-paced world. As of now, Wi-Fi 6 and its extended version, Wi-Fi 6e, support speeds up to 9.6Gbps. Now, here's where it gets interesting: Wi-Fi 7, as envisioned by MediaTek, aims to propel speeds to an astounding 36Gbps. Imagine the possibilities! With this leap, Wi-Fi inches closer to the reliability and rapidity synonymous with wired connections.

The significance of Wi-Fi 7's impressive speed boost is hard to overstate. /

The revelation that Wi-Fi 7's support has been reserved for Windows 11 has raised eyebrows, but it's not entirely surprising. Microsoft has been steering users toward the next evolution of their operating system for a while now.

The announcement back in 2021 regarding the sunset of Windows 10 by 2025 set the stage for this transition. It's no wonder, then, that Microsoft has kept the Wi-Fi 7 driver certification exclusive to Windows 11. For those who have been on the fence about upgrading, this could be the nudge they've been waiting for.