Threads App Set to Launch Its Web Version This Week

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Threads App Set to Launch Its Web Version This Week / Viralyft 

Threads, a microblogging service, made a big splash when it launched in July, gathering 100 million signups in under a week. This happened at a time when Twitter users were facing tough restrictions on how much they could use the platform.

The folks at Meta saw this as a chance to attract the disgruntled Twitter users, now known as 'X,' and bring them over to their new text platform. This new platform is built using social connections from Instagram.

Threads User Engagement Plummets, Urging Rapid Feature Rollouts
Sensor Tower estimates reveal a significant 70% decline in Threads daily active users, pointing to four possible reasons, including delayed iOS app updates.

However, after the exciting launch, Threads' popularity took a dive in the weeks that followed. One way to get things back on track is to open up the service to more people. Right now, Threads can only be used on iPhones and Android devices, but that's about to change.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, a web version of Threads will be released this week. This means that Threads will be accessible as a desktop app for the very first time. The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, hinted that a Threads web app was on its way.

Meta’s Threads App to Launch Web Version as Rivalry With X Enters New Stage / Photo by Hendrik Schuette 

The introduction of Threads on the web could boost the number of users and provide more opportunities for making money in the long run. A web app allows Meta to gather more data and track analytics compared to the limited access to user information on mobile devices.

However, it's important to note that Threads doesn't have any advertisements at the moment.

The launch of a desktop client will also be great news for brands and I hope they relese API for public as well.  They'll be able to manage Threads profiles more easily without having to log into their company accounts using personal phones.