Snapchat Snapchat Artificial Intelligence My AI Chatbot - Concerns & Controversies

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What You Must Know About Snapchat's AI Chatbot

My AI is the latest innovation on the popular social media platform Snapchat. This new artificial intelligence is designed to enhance the messaging experience. The parent company, Snap Inc., became the first to adopt an artificial intelligence-powered chat function.

Snapchat My Ai chatbot (AI tool) was initially introduced to Snapchat users (Snapchat+) on March 6, with a full-scale release on 2023 April 19. This artificial intelligence chatbot is powered with ChatGPT by OpenAI.

The company says over 150 million users have talked to the chatbot and used it on their chat feed. Is this a good thing? Well, it's kind of a messy situation. If there are topics like AI or Generative AI, there is probably controversy.  So let me explain everything to you.

Snapchat's My Ai - Features and Functionality

Unveiling Snapchat's My Ai Features / Snapchat

Before we dig deeper into Snapchat My AI, let's talk about the capabilities, features, and functionalities of this ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot.

Conversational Capabilities:

My Ai can respond to your queries or messages by typing or speaking, making it feel like chatting with a friend.

Information Gathering and Evolution:

My AI can tap into various databases, gather info, and improve with every chat.

AI Image Processing & Photo Sharing Magic:

Specially if you're a Snapchat+ user one cool feature is sending photos to the My Ai chatbot, and My Ai generates unique and often amusing AI-generated images in response. It can showcase its image processing skills, all thanks to ChatGPT.

Ping! Notification Time:

My Ai app has a handy notification system. You can set it up according to your liking, and you'll be alerted whenever My Ai sends you a reply.

Style Guru and Recommender:

My Ai is a potential fashionista and trendsetter. Wether about the latest fashion, restaurants, recipes, or any other products or services.

Ads in My AI Conversations

Ads on My Ai on Snapchat? /

Curious about the ads in your chats with My Ai on Snapchat? Well, My Ai is not just about sending quirky snaps; it's also a platform for marketing and advertising. And here, the story starts turning. First, I'll talk about the advertising on MY AI.

The ad relevancy is very personalized and changing based on what you're chatting about. My AI gives Advertisers enough data to target ads at specific age groups.

If you're a teen in the 13 to 17 club, you're one of the 125.6 million users, making up nearly 19.9% of the total ad audience.

If you're in the young adult league of 18 to 24, you're part of the 243.5 million users, representing 38.6% of the total ad audience. There are 145.9 million users in the 25 to 34 age group, which accounts for 23.2% of the total ad audience.

Snapchat Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Collecting User Data?

Snapchat's Snap Map is activated on the left, Ghost Mode is active on the right /

Where does Snapchat My AI chatbot gather data? Let me explain how this Data Collection and Usage work and what data Snapchat My Ai gathers.

Location data

People are concerned about whether My Ai knows where they are. Even with features like Ghost Mode enabled, My Ai can access your location data if you give it the green light. But Snap Inc. says My Ai isn't tracking new location info. Instead, it's all about using your shared data with Snapchat.

Conversations and Chats

Snapchat keeps your chats with My AI until you opt for manual deletion; however, the removal of your conversation data from Snapchat servers might extend up to 30 days. These conversations serve a dual purpose for Snap: they contribute to the training of the AI model and enable more precise targeting for personalized ads.

In ensuring the safe usage of ChatGPT for your children, Snapchat's privacy policy outlines the automatic deletion of Snaps from servers once all recipients have viewed them.

About 20% of Snapchat Users Are 13-17 Years Old / Statista

Nevertheless, it's essential to note that this rule doesn't apply to chats directed to My AI. Unlike regular Snaps, these conversations persist unless expressly deleted through a user request. It's prudent to assume that any audio or photos transmitted to My AI remain in Snap's possession until manually deleted by the user.

As per Statista, approximately 20% of Snapchat's global user base falls within the 13 to 17 age bracket. This underscores the importance of shielding youngsters from potentially inappropriate content that the chatbot might generate. However, in some experimental chats with the bot, users found that Snapchat's bot would explain how to engage in underage substance use and sexual activity.

How to Remove My AI from Snapchat

For those wishing to remove My AI on Snapchat, here's your step-by-step guide on How to Remove My AI from Snapchat.

Steps to Disable My AI in Snapchat

Head to your Profile, Then go to the Snapchat+ management screen and select deactivate the 'My AI' option.

How To Remove My AI

From the Camera screen, swipe right to the Chat screen, hold onto My AI, tap 'Chat Settings,' and hit the clear button.

How to Clear Conversations and Delete Data with My AI

Tap on the 'Snapchat' Icon, find your bitmoji in settings, locate 'My AI Data,' and tap to clear any history.

Concerns and Controversy with Snapchat AI

If there's artificial intelligence, there is Controversy. Snapchat AI chatbot My AI is facing some criticisms and fount in the middle of a huge controversy.

There's a spotlight on potential risks, especially for the younger audience. The exploration's impact on mental health includes considerations for feelings of isolation and loneliness. Some users express concerns about an over-reliance on AI interactions for emotional support or entertainment.

Adding to the mix, user-reported issues have appeared, including guidance on underage substance use and sexual activity.

Children's Design Code and Potential Enforcement Notice

Set clear guidelines for kids using Snapchat and My AI/ Generated using AdobeFirefly - Chanuka Nadun

This code sets out 15 standards for online services, ensuring compliance with data protection laws for children's online data. The potential enforcement notice could shake things up, impacting My AI's availability to UK users. It demands an adequate risk assessment before My AI continues its virtual conversations in the UK.

Critics have pointed fingers at the lack of clarity on whether My AI can access private information. There needs to be more clarity about whether young users truly understand the implications of data collection.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) steps into this with provisional findings, highlighting the need for organizations to weigh both the risks and benefits of AI.

Snap Inc, the company behind My Ai, says they are committed to protecting user privacy. Highlighting the importance of user data security, Snap claims that My Ai underwent a thorough and robust legal and privacy review process before being made available to the public.

In response to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) provisional findings, Snap expresses its willingness to collaborate with the ICO to ensure that risk assessment procedures align with regulatory expectations. As the regulatory process develops, pending steps and responses must be considered before the ICO's final decision.

Guidelines for Responsible Use of My Ai

Parents and caretakers must establish clear guidelines when children use Snapchat and My Ai. Open communication is key to creating an environment where children can freely express their experiences and concerns.

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Setting boundaries ensures a healthy balance in My Ai interactions, avoiding over-reliance on emotional support or entertainment. Consistent monitoring of usage patterns allows caretakers to stay informed about their child's engagement with the AI.

Reminding users of the limitations of My Ai encourages responsible utilization, fostering a mindful approach to its features. Equally important is the role of caretakers in educating young users about online safety practices empowering them to make informed decisions.