Here’s your first look at the Pixel 8's revamped Google Camera app

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Here’s your first look at the Pixel 8's revamped Google Camera app / Twitter

Leaks about the upcoming Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro models are revealing some major hardware improvements for this year's lineup. Unlike last year's Pixel 7 series, which had only small camera upgrades, this time, things are changing. There's a rumor that the new phones will sport a bigger and more advanced 50MP Samsung GN2 sensor.

On top of that, the Pixel 8 Pro might feature a 64MP ultra-wide camera for better-quality photos. But it's not just about the hardware – Google is also planning to introduce a new camera user interface (UI) for its 2023 Pixels. Thanks to a recent leak shared by Android Authority, we've got a clear look at what this revamped interface will be like.

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In the leaked screenshots, the fresh Google Camera UI takes the spotlight. Right away, you'll see that the new design separates the photo and video modes. Now, there's a distinct switch to jump between these modes, and it sits just above the selection bar.

Google is considering moving around the camera switch and the gallery button as part of the redesign. While long-time Pixel users might find this change surprising, it should be helpful.

Google Camera getting big UI redesign with the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro / Android Authority

With the switch button moved, it'll be easier to access in most situations. And guess what? Even Samsung and iPhones use the same arrangement for their controls.

In the current version of the Google Camera app, you swipe downward on the screen to open the settings menu. But with the upcoming Pixel 8 series, this gesture will be reversed – you'll swipe upward instead.

When it comes to camera modes, the new Google Camera will put a spotlight on different options like Long Exposure and Action Pan. In the photo mode, these modes will have their own separate sections, which is different from the current setup where they're inside the Motion tab. And for video mode, there's a special dedicated option called Pan for Cinematic Pan.

This is how Google Camera will look on the Pixel 8 / Android Authority

Finally, the video stabilization choices will pop up in a menu, although the options – Standard, Locked, and Active – are expected to remain the same.

Since the debut of the Pixel 4 back in 2019, Google hasn't given its camera app's interface a makeover. So, this update has been a long time coming, especially with all the new modes and features that Pixel phones have gained since then. What's still being determined is whether this new Google Camera UI will also be available for older Pixel models.