OnePlus India's Green Line Fix - Lifetime Screen Warranty & More

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OnePlus India's Green Line Fix - Lifetime Screen Warranty & More /

OnePlus users, especially in India, There's some important news for you regarding a screen issue that's been bugging some of you. Reports have been flooding in about permanent green lines showing up on the screens of older AMOLED smartphones.

These lines are a real nuisance, and they've appeared on devices from various manufacturers, across different price ranges, and even on various operating systems.

OnePlus is stepping up to the plate with a solution. They're offering a lifetime screen warranty for all those older AMOLED smartphones dealing with the green line problem.

This is exclusively for OnePlus users in India, and it's a promise that they'll replace the screen on any OnePlus phone that's got this green line glitch. Yep, you heard that right - they'll do it for the entire life of the device.

But what about OnePlus users outside India? Well, OnePlus is working on it. They've been contacted about bringing this policy to the US and the UK. So, hang tight, fellow OnePlus users in those regions!

Here's more good news: upgrade discounts are on the table! If you own a OnePlus 8 Pro, 8T, 9, or 9R and you've been struggling with the green line problem, you're in luck. OnePlus is handing out discount vouchers that let you snag a new OnePlus phone at a lower price. It's like a special treat for dealing with the green line headache.

Now, let's get down to the details. You can find notices about these upgrade discounts at OnePlus Exclusive Service Centers. If you've got a OnePlus 8 Pro, 8T, 9, or 9R with the green line issue, these vouchers are your golden ticket to a smoother, greener-free experience.

But there's a catch – these discounts are tied to spare parts availability, especially since the older models are approaching the end of their lifecycle.

Upgrade discounts for select OnePlus devices at select locations / Telegram user @docnok63

If you're tempted to grab that new phone, you'll do it through the OnePlus India website. And guess what? There's an extra incentive for you to go for the OnePlus 10R when upgrading from the affected models. You'll get an even sweeter deal.

And hey, here's something important: OnePlus isn't setting any conditions on when or how you've used your affected phone. Whether it's an old one with low resale value or your daily driver, if you're dealing with the green line, OnePlus has your back.

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