Latest Mini Cooper Gets Circular OLED Dash Screen and AI Capabilities

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Latest Mini Cooper Gets Circular OLED Dash Screen and AI Capabilities / BMW

BMW, known for its cutting-edge approach and groundbreaking innovation, took an impressive leap with its soon-to-be-release Mini Cooper models featuring circular OLED displays and AI-enhanced Mini Operating System 9, revolutionizing how people engage with vehicles.

Mini Cooper vehicles feature an innovative circular OLED display as the centerpiece. As one of its kind in terms of size and OLED technology, this revolutionary display serves both an interface and dashboard function with its diameter of 9.44 inches displaying essential information such as speed and fuel usage in front of drivers directly.

Connectivity is at the core of modern vehicle designs, and Mini Cooper does not disappoint in that respect. Compatible with 5G technology, the vehicle provides high-speed internet access that creates a smooth user experience.

Furthermore, users have access to various apps, including AirConsole games, video streaming apps, and Spotify in its Mini Connected Store, something no other vehicle currently does.

Integration of smartphones is also seamless; users simply connect them through Bluetooth, Android Auto, CarPlay, or USB and can quickly and effortlessly access all their favorite apps and features right on the screen.

Behind the scenes, BMW uses Mini Operating System 9 (Mini OS 9) to power its circular OLED display. Based on Android open-source code, whether or not BMW utilizes Google's car-specific Android Automotive platform is still unknown.

The Mini Cooper enhances driving experiences through its Mini Experience Modes. Drivers can select Core, Green, or Go-Kart modes, each featuring unique interface designs and light and sound effects for an enhanced journey suited specifically to their mood or preference. The Mini Experience Modes let them personalize each journey to suit themselves perfectly!

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Mini Cooper vehicles boast futuristic convenience with the inclusion of Spike, its intelligent voice assistant. Simply say, "Hey Mini," and Spike comes alive to provide navigation assistance as well as phone calls, radio playback, and temperature regulation control, helping drivers remain focused while driving safely ahead.

This hands-free interaction enhances driving experiences by keeping hands off of the steering wheels!

The Mini Cooper stands alone when it comes to its audio capability, particularly among all-electric models. From driving sounds inside and outside the cabin to distinctive outside sounds, its distinctive audio design stands out.

Furthermore, each Experience Mode comes complete with its own quirky jingles for extra fun and personality!

Mini's cloud-based navigation system utilizes an OLED circular display with fast and precise route calculations for electric Mini Cooper versions, providing charging-optimized route planning to give drivers peace of mind on longer journeys.

The new MINI Operating System 9 – optimised interaction for touch and voice control / BMW

Augmented View provides a live video feed to the Mini Interaction Unit, making navigation even more intuitive and user-friendly.

Mini enthusiasts will delight in accessing the MINI Connected Store's selection of practical and entertaining apps ranging from AirConsole gaming to music and video streaming services; users can tailor their driving experience using their chosen applications.

MINI has introduced the optional MINI Digital Key Plus, providing vehicle access with compatible Apple, Google, and Samsung devices without taking out your phone from your pocket.

Furthermore, MINI vehicles receive regular over-the-air software updates providing quality improvements or even new functions depending on their model, equipment, and location.