Microsoft's Expectations and Sony's Rumored Plans for PlayStation 5 - Slim Model, Handheld Version, and More

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Unveiling Sony's Plans: PlayStation 5 Slim and More PS5 Slim Concept Render
Unveiling Sony's Plans: PlayStation 5 Slim and More /

In gaming, anticipation is always high regarding new console releases and updates. Microsoft, a key player in the industry, has revealed its expectations regarding releasing a PS5 Slim model later this year.

As part of the ongoing FTC v. Microsoft case, the company has filed documents that shed light on this upcoming development. At the same time, Sony, the powerhouse behind the PlayStation brand, is also making headlines with its rumored plans for the PlayStation 5.

According to Microsoft, the highly anticipated PS5 Slim model is set to hit the market later this year. The company foresees this sleek and compact version of the PlayStation 5 being priced at $399.99, offering gamers a more affordable option.

A photo of the Project Q handheld Sony
A photo of the Project Q handheld / Sony

These details were revealed through the documents filed in the FTC v. Microsoft case, highlighting the software giant's insights into the gaming industry.

Sony, known for its innovative gaming consoles, already offers a cheaper alternative to the standard PlayStation 5. The company sells a Digital Edition of the PS5, priced at $399.99, which excludes the disc drive.

Building on this strategy, Sony is likely to release a PlayStation 5 Slim model at the same reduced price point. This move will cater to gamers looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising performance and features.

Insider Gaming, a reliable gaming news source, previously reported on Sony's preparations for a PS5 with a detachable disc drive. The anticipated launch window for this version is September 2023. If the rumors hold, Sony's decision to offer a detachable drive indicates a potential shift in the default configuration of the PS5 Slim.

Microsoft also thinks the handheld PlayStation will be ‘under $300’ when it launches later this year.
Microsoft also thinks the handheld PlayStation will be ‘under $300’ when it launches later this year. / Vjeran Pavic

Players can choose between a bundled drive or a drive-less version, with the option to add a drive later if desired. This approach allows gamers to tailor their console to their needs and preferences.

Currently, consumers have two main options when purchasing a PlayStation 5. They can opt for the $399 PS5 Digital Edition, which lacks a disc drive but offers a more affordable price tag.

Gamer can choose the $499 PS5 with a built-in disc drive. However, the ability to connect an optional drive at a later date has yet to be added to the equation so far. This limitation might change with the release of the PS5 Slim, offering users a more flexible and customizable console experience.

In addition to the expected PS5 Slim, Sony has plans to venture into the handheld gaming market. Contrary to Microsoft's predictions, this handheld version of the PlayStation 5 will not be available for under $300.

Microsoft seems to think we’re getting a PS5 Slim this year
Microsoft seems to think we’re getting a PS5 Slim this year / Sony

Instead, Sony aims to introduce a handheld device to stream PS5 games over Wi-Fi from a connected PS5 console. This innovation will allow gamers to enjoy their favorite titles on the go without being restricted by the limitations of traditional handheld consoles.

While Microsoft's insights into Sony's upcoming PlayStation hardware carry weight, it's important to note that their predictions may only partially be accurate.

The findings of fact and conclusion of the law document filed by Microsoft in the FTC v. Microsoft case do not cite any third-party sources regarding the timing or pricing of the PS5 Slim.

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Therefore, while their expectations are based on their assessments, they should be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed by official announcements.

Interestingly, the FTC v. Microsoft case was previously a source of unintentional disclosure of information. Recently, a confidential Sony document surfaced without proper redaction, exposing details regarding profit margins, Call of Duty revenues, and the costs associated with developing some of Sony's games.

This incident highlights the potential for leaks and spills in legal battles, inadvertently providing gamers with insights they might not have obtained otherwise.