Facebook Messenger Lite to be Discontinued

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Facebook Messenger Lite to be Discontinued / Androidauthority

Messenger Lite, a stripped-down version of the Messenger app, was introduced in October 2016. It was initially designed for Android devices with lower processing power. Eventually, it became available for all types of phones. However, Meta, the company behind Messenger, has decided to discontinue Messenger Lite starting in September.

If you open the app today, you'll see a message urging you to switch to the regular Messenger app for continued chatting. This change will take effect after September 18. Don't worry about losing your chat history; all your conversations from Messenger Lite will still be accessible in Messenger.

For those who used Messenger Lite on devices that were unrestricted by limited resources, the appeal was its simplicity. This basic messaging app allowed users to communicate without any unnecessary bells and whistles. While it didn't have advanced features like a dark theme, it was known for its speed and efficiency.

Unlike the full Messenger app, which includes links to various features and products, Messenger Lite focuses solely on text communication.

Although Messenger Lite is no longer available for new users to download from the Play Store, existing users can still access and use the app. Previously, it was marketed as using less than 10MB of storage space, but the actual app size is now 54MB. Some of its benefits included saving data and functioning well even with slow or unstable internet connections.

Meta killing Messenger Lite for Android in September / Meta

In a broader context, the discontinuation of Messenger Lite might signal a trend away from "lite" versions of apps. As smartphones become more powerful globally, companies like Meta might be shifting their focus away from these streamlined alternatives.

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For instance, Google's Android Go, a lightweight version of the Android operating system, is still available, but the "Go" branding might change in the future. Additionally, Messenger will soon stop supporting SMS messages.

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