Meet Aria - The AI Chatbot for Opera

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Meet Aria - The AI Chatbot for Opera / Opera

Do you use the Opera browser? If you are, things are about to be pretty cool for you guys, especially if you are an iPhone user. You can now meet and interact with Aria, the AI chatbot! The folks over at Opera recently announced Aria's grand entrance onto the iPhone and iPad app scene.

Aria is a super-smart chatterbox, doing what traditional AI bots do, like answering your questions and helping out with stuff.

Now, here's the techie part: Aria is best buddies with Opera's Composer architecture. This partnership allows Aria to whip up real-time results that are as fresh as a newly baked pie. It's like Aria is the recipe maker, and Composer is the kitchen.

Opera’s AI browser assistant is now available in its iOS app / Engadget

Opera wants to give you a choice in this AI adventure. You can decide whether to let Aria into your world or not. It's like picking your squad for a video game. Once you give the thumbs up, Aria becomes your chatty companion. Your conversations with Aria are kept for around 30 days. That's like having a chat diary!

And if you're all about control, no worries! You can hit the delete button and remove any chat you want. Opera's got your back, making sure you have the final say over your conversation history.

Known as Aria, the AI will answer your questions, dig up information, and generate content. / Lance Whitney - ZDNET

Aria aI learns from scouring the web for information so that it can get smarter and more helpful over time. But, just like a superhero with a kryptonite weakness, Aria isn't perfect. It could run into some trouble, like biased, harmful, or inaccurate stuff on the web. We already covered this scenario in an article.

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So, if you're up for some AI-powered adventures, give Aria a go and see where the chat takes you!