Maximize Your Productivity with Windows 11's Enhanced Widgets Panel

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Maximize Your Productivity with Windows 11's Enhanced Widgets Panel
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Windows 11's Widgets feature has undergone significant improvements thanks to Microsoft's dedicated efforts, resulting in numerous user benefits. Microsoft has been upgrading the Widgets feature recently, expanding the canvas area, introducing new animations, enhancing the widget selection process, and supporting third-party apps. But Microsoft still needs to be finished. For example, one of the most requested features by users was the ability to pin Widgets to the Desktop. And now, according to sources, Microsoft has started working on it.

For those who need to become more familiar with Widgets, they are small applications that provide quick access to information or perform specific tasks. In Windows 11, Microsoft introduced the Widgets Panel, which presents users with the latest news from MSN and a handful of customizable widgets. In addition, with Windows 11, Microsoft opened the Widgets Panel to third-party developers. Users can now try out over 13 widgets as the library of widgets grows gradually.

A mockup of what Windows Widgets would look like on the desktop
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One of the major advantages of Widgets is that they allow users to stay updated with recent information without opening the app. And with the ability to pin Widgets to the Desktop, this feature is taken one step further. Of course, pinning widgets on your Desktop is similar to pinning them on your phone's home screen. But, again, this feature keeps you updated with the latest information without opening the app.

Widgets offer a great benefit by keeping users informed about the latest information without opening the app. However, currently, this feature is only available in the Widgets Panel. Users have been asking to pin widgets to the Desktop for a while now, and Microsoft has finally responded to this request with a new feature.

"Pinning Widgets to Desktop: The Most Anticipated Feature of Windows 11

Microsoft is not stopping there. The company plans to allow users to pin widgets from third-party players like Meta's Facebook. This will expand the capabilities of the Widgets feature and provide users with more choices.

The ability to pin Widgets to the Desktop will first be introduced to Windows Insiders for testing. After the necessary testing, it will be available for general users via the "Moment" or 23H2 update release, expected to come this year.

As part of an effort to improve the Windows desktop with modern features like app folders, users can now pin widgets to their desktops. In addition, Microsoft has been releasing new Windows 11 dev builds that modernize the File Explorer details pane, improve the Windows Spotlight lock screen feature, and expand the "notification badging" rollout in the Start menu.

With this Windows Insider build, two different designs for Windows Spotlight are now being tested. First, Microsoft is expanding the "notification badging" rollout for Microsoft accounts. Second, Microsoft is rolling out new builds for Windows 11 across the Canary, Dev, and Beta channels of the Insider program.

A new Facebook widget
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The new Facebook widget for Windows 11 lets users see all their notifications from the social network without opening the app, and it's available in the Canary, Dev, and Beta channels. In addition, the Details pane in File Explorer for Windows 11 is also being modernized.

Windows Spotlight is getting some changes in the Dev channel, including a richer UI showing more information about the picture and related pictures and a minimized and full-screen experience. Other improvements for Windows Insiders in the Dev channel include:

  • The new widget picker experience.
  • Animated widget icons.
  • More relevant content is in the Recommended section of the Start menu.

The latest focus on Widgets has brought about a much-needed change in the Windows desktop experience. The ability to pin widgets to the Desktop is a highly anticipated feature that will make staying up-to-date with recent information easier and more efficient. With the increasing number of customizable widgets and third-party app support, the Widgets Panel is quickly becoming a vital component of Windows 11. As Microsoft continues to modernize and enhance the Windows desktop with features such as app folders, notification badging, and a modernized file explorer details pane, it's clear that the company is dedicated to delivering a cutting-edge and user-friendly experience to its users.

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