Mark Zuckerberg's Announced - Threads Goes Desktop!

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Mark Zuckerberg's Announced - Threads Goes Desktop!
Mark Zuckerberg's Announced - Threads Goes Desktop! / Stefani Reynolds/ AFP via Getty Images.

Threads, the text-based social network, is finally getting something you've all been asking for a web version! Yup, you heard that right. Mark Zuckerberg, the big boss of Meta, just announced on the app that in a few weeks, Threads will be available on desktops too.

No more being limited to your phone. And wait, there's more! They're also adding a proper search function to make it easier to find stuff.

Right now, you can see Threads posts on your computer, but if you try to interact with them using the reply, repost, like, or send buttons, all you get is a QR code that takes you back to the app.

Threads is getting a web version and a search function 'in the next few weeks'

Talk about annoying, right? And the search function could be more helpful too. It can only show you other accounts, but remember to search for specific posts. Not cool.

Threads launched at just the right time when a lot of Twitter users were upset about some major changes. See, Twitter, which is now called X (yeah, I know, weird name change), started restricting the number of posts people could see on their website or app.

They blamed it on data scraping and system manipulation. So, non-paying users were hit the hardest, only allowed to see 600 posts a day. Ouch!

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But that's when Threads swooped in and saved the day. People flocked to it like crazy, and in less than a week, it had a whopping 100 million users. Impressive, right? But here's the catch: Threads needed a bunch of features that everyone expects from a social network.

No worries, though. Meta promised that the Threads team was on it. And they delivered! They added a chronological feed (yay!) and built-in translations to make things better.

Threads User Engagement Plummets, Urging Rapid Feature Rollouts
Sensor Tower estimates reveal a significant 70% decline in Threads daily active users, pointing to four possible reasons, including delayed iOS app updates.

Since that epic first week, Threads' engagement dropped a bit. But fear not, my friends, because with these new features on the way, those early adopters might just come back for more. So get ready to explore Threads on your desktop and enjoy the improved search function. Exciting times are ahead!