Link Your Devices - Google's New Way to Connect Android Devices

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Google link your device feature
Link Your Devices - Google's New Way to Connect Android Devices

Google is working on a way that allows users to connect their Android devices for added flexibility and convenience. This discovery was shared by Mishaal Rahman on X.

An upcoming "Link Your Devices" menu was unveiled, revealing that users will soon have the ability to link Android devices under the same Google account.

Currently, the only available feature is "Call Switching," which allows users to transfer calls from one device to another without having to dial again.

This menu provides users with more information, including the email associated with their Google account to confirm its accuracy, along with a list of the linked devices. Aside from the menu, Rahman also found "Internet Sharing" as part of this Android device link.

This is likely to make use of Android's existing hotspot feature to share Wi-Fi or internet connection through Bluetooth.

Moreover, devices that are linked may be visible to others on the same Wi-Fi network, making them easy to discover. Additionally, apps will be able to inform users about ways they can utilize their linked Android phones to share content between them.

Once Google releases this feature, users will be able to set it up by going to Settings > Google > Device & Sharing.

Google's effort to implement proper device linking comes as its competitors have already done so. Apple, for instance, offers "Continuity," allowing several iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers to be connected for sharing cellular connections, AirDrop files, texts, and calls.

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Similarly, Samsung provides "Continue Apps," which lets users seamlessly resume using an app on different Galaxy devices.

While Google's "Link Your Devices" feature is still in development, any progress is a step forward. As Android 14 approaches, if this feature isn't included in the initial release, it may come in a future update.