LetMeSpy Spyware Company Hits Dead End - Data Breach and Shutdown

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LetMeSpy Spyware Company Hits Dead End / RapidEye - Getty Images

LetMeSpy, a spyware company hailing from Poland, has hit a dead end. After a merciless data breach in June, the company's servers were wiped clean, erasing a trove of stolen data from countless victims' phones.

In a notice plastered on their website, LetMeSpy confirmed the grim news of a "permanent shutdown," calling an end to their spyware services by August's close. As a defensive measure, LetMeSpy has blocked users from logging in or creating new accounts.

Adding fuel to the fire, a separate notice on LetMeSpy's former login page verified earlier reports of the hacker behind the breach executing a ruthless data wipeout.

Per the notice posted on the website, LetMeSpy's database was breached by an unauthorized party who downloaded and destroyed data. This audacious and cunning move has raised concerns about the potential dangers of cyberattacks.

Ruthless Data Breach: LetMeSpy's Servers Wiped Clean / JakeOlimb - Getty Images

According to TechCrunch's investigation of network traffic, it has been discovered that LetMeSpy's application is no longer functional. The website of the spyware manufacturer no longer provides the app for download, indicating a negative outcome for their business.

LetMeSpy initially posed as an Android phone monitoring app, expertly concealed on victims' phone home screens, making it an arduous task to spot and remove. Predominantly installed by individuals who knew the victim's phone passcode, apps like LetMeSpy stealthily swiped messages, call logs, and real-time location data.

A leaked database obtained by the nonprofit transparency collective DDoSecrets and handed over to TechCrunch for analysis laid bare the extent of LetMeSpy's mischief.

Over 13,000 compromised Android devices worldwide fell prey to LetMeSpy's data heist, a staggering number considering the company claimed to control a whopping 236,000 devices prior to the breach.

 LetMeSpy confirmed the “permanent shutdown”
In a notice on its website in both English and Polish, LetMeSpy confirmed the “permanent shutdown” 

The database that was hacked exposed the fact that the spyware was created by a tech company called Radeal, located in Krakow. The CEO of the company, According to Techcrunch, Rafal Lidwin, has refused to comment on the issue and has not responded to any inquiries.

LetMeSpy joins the ranks of spyware operations that shut down in the past year due to security incidents, unmasking not only victims' data but also the culprits behind these real-world operations.

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