Google's Audio Magic Eraser on Pixel 8 Pro

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Pixel 8's Sound Sorcery: Unmasking Audio Magic Eraser

Today, a new Twitter account labeled "EZ" X shared a 14-second video clip. The video appears to be edited and oddly tinted. In the top-left corner, it is branded as "G Pixel," similar to marketing videos from the previous year.

The Audio Magic Eraser seems to be a part of the Google Photos video editor. This tool takes a moment to recognize sounds in a video clip and then provides sliders for adjusting "Noise," "People," and "Music" sounds. Like other filters in Google Photos, you can drag left or right to decrease the sound.

The tagline for this brief video is "The only phone with Audio Magic Eraser," followed by "The only phone engineered by Google," which is a phrase already in use. Speaking of branding, Google is expanding the capabilities of the Magic Eraser. Currently, this tool can erase individuals or objects and change colors using the Camouflage mode in still images.

Towards the end, a picture of the Pixel 8 Pro in a light blue shade is revealed, resembling the color Sea on the Pixel 7a. In the image, the camera bar is visible, featuring a pill-shaped cutout that houses all three lenses together.

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Adjacent to the camera bar is the flash and the temperature sensor, which are faintly visible. The metal in this shot appears to have a satin finish and isn't particularly shiny.

In earlier parts of the video, we also get a glimpse of the Pixel 8 Pro with its very rounded corners.

It's worth noting that Google tends to reveal their products before the official launch day. This is a common habit for them, as evident from the premature leaks of their products. Some speculate that it might be a deliberate marketing strategy, although there's skepticism around this idea.