Next-Gen AirPods Pro may Get a Hearing Health Feature and Built-in Temperature Sensor

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Apple's next AirPods Pro could feature a built-in temperature sensor
Apple's next AirPods Pro could feature a built-in temperature sensor / Apple

Apple is about to revolutionize how we listen to music and care for our hearing health with the next generation AirPods, the popular wireless earbuds; let's discover the exciting developments in store for Apple's AirPods, from advanced hearing health features to body temperature measurement, Along with switching to USB-C.

One of the most intriguing additions to the AirPods lineup is introducing a new hearing health feature supported by iOS 17. This feature aims to address potential hearing issues in users.

By leveraging the ear canal, the AirPods can check for auditory concerns, providing users with valuable insights into their hearing health. Moreover, this feature may enable the AirPods to determine the user's body temperature through the ear canal, adding a unique health monitoring dimension to these wireless earbuds.

AirPods Pro may be getting new hearing health features.
AirPods Pro may be getting new hearing health features. / Chris Welch 

Apple is known for its commitment to adopting the latest technologies, and the upcoming AirPods models are no exception. All future Apple headphones, including the AirPods, will feature USB-C connectivity. This update will provide users with faster charging and data transfer capabilities, enhancing the overall user experience and convenience.

Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the release of new AirPods Pro and AirPods Max models. However, reports suggest that these new iterations may arrive later. While specific details remain uncertain, industry expert Mark Gurman indicates that developing new hardware may take some time. Nevertheless, the anticipation surrounding these new models continues to grow.

Enhancing Wellness with AirPods: The Temperature Advantage
Enhancing Wellness with AirPods: The Temperature Advantage / Engadget

Current AirPods models already support audiograms and audio profiles that help tune the earbuds to the user's unique hearing abilities. Users can rely on the app Mimi to generate an audiogram, which may soon be integrated into the AirPods' operating system.

By incorporating a built-in hearing test feature, Apple aims to streamline the process of understanding and adapting to individual hearing needs.

While Apple's AirPods have been at the forefront of innovation, other wireless earbuds have also incorporated similar capabilities. For instance, the Jabra Elite 75t introduced MySound, allowing users to create custom sound profiles based on a series of tones played in each ear. This highlights the growing trend of integrating advanced hearing capabilities into wireless earbuds.

Following the recent FDA approval for over-the-counter sales of hearing aids without a prescription, Apple is considering positioning the AirPods as hearing aids.

AirPods Pro: A Glimpse into the Future of Hearing Health
AirPods Pro: A Glimpse into the Future of Hearing Health /

This move would enable individuals to enhance their hearing without needing a formal prescription. By leveraging the technological prowess of the AirPods, Apple seeks to provide accessible and innovative solutions to individuals with hearing difficulties.

Rumors have circulated that future AirPods models may be able to measure body temperature through the ear canal. This concept dates back to late 2021 and has already been implemented to some extent in the Apple Watch Series 8, albeit as a relative temperature measurement primarily used for menstrual cycle tracking.

The potential expansion of this feature to AirPods could offer increased accuracy, allowing wearers to monitor their well-being more effectively and detect early signs of illness.

The Science of Sound: AirPods' Audiograms and You / Apple

It remains to be seen whether the body temperature measurement feature will be exclusive to the AirPods Pro or extend to other AirPods models. However, given the focus on the Pro line's advanced capabilities, this feature will likely be available exclusively in the AirPods Pro.

Although many anticipate Apple's new AirPods Pro featuring health features will arrive shortly, it should be kept in mind that they could take several months or years to become a reality.

Apple typically releases three-year refresh cycles of AirPods Pro models every few years - thus, the release of 2nd Generation AirPods Pro just last year could indicate another iteration could soon arrive after certain dates have been reached.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has provided insights into Apple's future plans for the AirPods lineup. Kuo expects a USB-C version of the AirPods Pro to be released later this year, potentially in the second or third quarter.

Kuo anticipates the arrival of $99 AirPods and a new set of AirPods Max next year, adding further variety and affordability to the AirPods range. While specific release dates and exclusive features remain uncertain, the AirPods ecosystem is poised to provide users with enhanced functionality, convenience, and an unparalleled audio experience.

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