Bard Evolution - From Chatbot to Super Assistant

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Bard Evolution - From Chatbot to Super Assistant / Google

Google is really upping its AI game with Bard, their very own AI chatbot. Now, Bard isn't just competing with ChatGPT; it's a smart tool that's all about making your digital life smoother and simpler. With the recent changes, it's really giving Competition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Imagine a chatbot that can team up with your Google apps like Gmail, Docs, YouTube, and more. That's what Bard Extensions are all about. Yury Pinsky, the director of product management for Bard, says these extensions are like your sidekick, helping you dig up info effortlessly across various Google tools and apps.

With these latest updates, Bard is more equipped to help you get all your unique ideas off the ground. / Gfoogle

Let's say you're planning a trip to the Grand Canyon – usually, that's a lot of tabs and searches. But now, with Bard, you can ask it to sort out the dates that work for everyone from your Gmail. Need a real-time flight and hotel info? Bard's got you covered. It can even map out the route to the airport using Google Maps and throw in some YouTube videos on things to do at your destination. All of this happens in a single chat with Bard. How cool is that?

Privacy is essential, and Google gets that. They've left the choice in your hands. You decide if you want to switch on these new extensions and how you want to use them. Your data, your call – that's the deal.

Google Bard AI Explores Google Ecosystem / Amy Kim

To make Bard super reliable, Google tossed in a nifty feature – the "Google It" button. It's like a fact-checker for Bard's responses. If you ever wonder about the accuracy of Bard's info, just hit that button, and you'll get the lowdown. This feature is gold when you want the most precise and up-to-date details.

Starting this Tuesday, Bard's speaking in plain old English. This means more folks can get in on the Bard action and enjoy its amazing features.

Google’s Bard AI Chatbot Speaks Over 40 Languages After EU Launch
Google’s Bard AI chatbot can now converse in over 40 languages including Chinese and Hindi after its launch in the EU and Brazil.

And let's remember Google's dedication to making Bard even better. They're constantly updating PaLM 2, the brain behind Bard's language skills. These updates have turbocharged Bard, making it a super-efficient and trustworthy assistant for all of us.