ASUS Shuts Down Zenfone Division - What's Next?

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ASUS Shuts Down Zenfone Division
ASUS Shuts Down Zenfone Division - What's Next? / Youtube - MKBHD

In recent times, ASUS has been making waves in the smartphone world with its Zenfone series. This lineup has gained praise for its innovative features and user-friendly design. But here's the twist: Reports are saying that ASUS is going through some big changes inside, and this has led to the closure of the Zenfone division.

But now, the future of the Zenfone series is uncertain. Recent reports from Technews Taiwan suggest that ASUS is shaking things up internally. This has led to some departments being closed down, and unfortunately, the Zenfone division is one of the casualties. People who used to work on Zenfone are now moving to other parts of the company, like the ROG Phone team.

Recent happenings are adding weight to the idea that the Zenfone division is shutting down. For example, ASUS recently stopped allowing people to unlock the bootloaders on Zenfone devices, and they said it's because the tool isn't available right now.

Also, sharp-eyed community members noticed that older Zenfone software versions were removed from ASUS's website. While these incidents don't directly show the division is closing, they make it seem more likely.

The Zenfone series going away would leave a gap in the smartphone market. While ASUS might still make ROG-branded phones, people who liked the Zenfone series for its clean Android experience and small design would feel its absence. This also brings up worries about only a few companies dominating the smartphone market, which could mean less innovation and variety.

Asus Zenfone 10 / Asus

ASUS recently started taking orders for the Zenfone 10 in the United States. But sadly, this phone could mark the end of the Zenfone series. Taiwanese media reports talk about big changes happening inside ASUS. This led to some people losing their jobs in the PC department. Plans to move workers to the mobile phone sections, like Zenfone and ROG Phone, needed to be revised.

The Zenfone series started back in 2014 and played a small role in the Android market. It wasn't super popular, but recent versions like the Zenfone 9 and 10 got praise for their long battery life, good software, and small screens—something not common.

As of now, ASUS hasn't said anything about these reports. But there were hints about changes happening back in July from other reports. So, a big transformation is underway at ASUS.

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